Monday, January 21, 2008

You got me on this one... but I will not smoke pot behind the school at lunch.

I'm still not totally convinced that Radiohead is the best band ever, but after hearing so much about how this album was more accessible, more like the 'old' Radiohead, I decided to give it a try. It didn't take. Still couldn't get into it. After being asked for the 100 millionth time why I didn't like Radiohead I decided give it one more try. Jen suggested 'Reckoner'. I played it, let the CD go and have slowly come around on it. I'm thinking that maybe the complexity of the sounds was probably something that really threw me off - much like it took me a little while to come around of Broken Social Scene's self titled, and Patrick Watson's Close to Paradise. Maybe this is a lesson in patience. Or that I need to succumb to peer pressure more often. Are you all happy now!

In case you haven't seen it.
'Reckoner' from Radiohead's 11/9/2007 webcast.

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