Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pick of the Week #1: Ketch Harbour Wolves (Rob)/The Tranzac (Jen)

1. Let me take the opportunity to tell you how great it feels to be a syndicated columnist... it feels great.... really really, great (it should be noted that any future reading of "great... really really, great" should be read as Toby from Seinfeld - the heckler who Jerry heckles back in "The Fire").

2. You know what else is great... really really, great? Ketch Harbour Wolves and their debut EP Dead Calm Horizon.

3. They sound like, I think, a really cool combination between this year's it band Fleet Foxes and the under appreciated Scottish band Frightened Rabbit (who you might note is one of Allan's favs). The EP, which is a total of 7 songs, is incredibly solid from beginning to end, and I think you'd be hard pressed to find a wasted minute in the 28 minute (29 if you round up) recording... which, sadly, makes it a minute too short to be eligible for the Polaris Prize.

4. It was 1c on my Best Albums of '08, but I'm definitely not alone in thinking they are... wait for it... great... really really, great. It was Herohill's favourite EP of the year, i(heart)music's favourite recording of the year, and Sean from Everything is Pop recently sent me a note thanking me for the recommendation. Basically, people who like music really like this album, and I think each of us had a different favourite song - or at least posted a different song.

5. I went to go see them live last Saturday and were good, not great, just a little messy in spots. And I felt terrible about writing that since: a) I really think the band is terrific; b) I typically feel really bad about saying bad things about small bands; c) I don't want to discourage anyone from going to see them, because they are still worth seeing, and d) Jon (from the band) sent me an email after I posted the review thanking me for writing a fair and "even handed review". That said, I now think: e) Jon and the guys are pretty chilled out and seem like really good dudes, and; f) are on their way to be a formidable live band, which, I suspect will be a chilling live experience once it all comes together.

6. The most insane thing? They're giving their entire EP away for free.

7. At the show I bought a t-shirt and its really slick. American Apparel black with shiny-metallic gold lettering gold and logo (to the best of my knowledge they're not available anywhere on-line). Awesome. Now all I need is metallic gold pants to wear it with.

8. My two favourites:

[mp3] Ketch Harbour Wolves - So Long to the Ground
[mp3] Ketch Harbour Wolves - Letters

Jen's Pick

This weekend I'm recommending the Tranzac Club. On Friday, there's a semi-formal dress Rock 'n' Roll Anniversary in the Main Hall with Mantler, Gravity Wave, and Wax Mannequin. Or else Nick Rose and The Stables in the front room. Come Saturday, spend the afternoon with Hexes & Ohs, Winter Gloves, Green Go, Sports: The Band, and Maylee Todd. Amazing! And at night celebrate Out of This Spark's anniversary with the record label's artists, including Forest City Lovers, The D'Urbervilles, Timber Timbre, and Jenny Omnichord. Pretty much anything going on at Tranzac this week, and every week, will add goodness to your musical diet, and will leave you feeling superior, like you're in on a well-kept secret. The Tranzac is a musician's venue more than any other place.


Hal Incandenza said...

I'm really struck by how much KHW's lead singer (Not sure which guy is the lead singer--their myspace page wasn't forthcoming) sounds like Tom Smith, lead singer of Editors. It's uncanny in places.

Great album--thanks for turning me on to it.

The R.O.B. said...

Cool. Really glad you liked it... more people should hear them since, you know, they're really good.