Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mr. G's Song of the Week - "Hey, Snow White"

Hello and welcome to the inaugural "Mr. G's Song of the Week" post. Much thanks to the R.O.B. for welcoming me into his highly-touted blogosphere. I can only hope my contributions warrant an overall rating of Level 4+ (that's teacher-speak) and that you, dear reader, hold fast to the suggested listening material previewed here and live a healthier and more well-rounded life as a result.

You know a song is good when after one listen you begin frothing at the mouth and immediately set about to acquire that band's entire discography without so much as giving the song another listen. Such was the response elicited by The New Pornographers' "Hey, Snow White." Perhaps that places me behind the times a little, considering this band has been a powerhouse on the Canadian indie scene for some time now. Well so be it. The song and the band kick derriere whether you discovered them at their inception in 1997 or today.

Recorded for "Dark Was the Night," the newest of twenty compilation albums whose proceeds go towards the Red Hot Organization, a charity that raises funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS, the album is a who's who of indie rock superstars. But of all the fantastic contributions to the record, "Hey, Snow White," tucked away in the middle of the second disc of the two-disc set, stands out. An elegant rocker, complete with captivating melody and delicious harmonies, the song (in my humble interpretation) speaks to the crisis of today's economic situation and the importance of doing what you love to do when working for "The Man" doesn't quite work out. Because as the New Pornographers so eloquently state: "When the company goes public, you've got to learn to love what you want." Like much of their work, though, "Hey, Snow White" can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.

The song has great pace, moving from gentle, piano-driven sections to the rocking chorus and back again. There's even some glockenspiel thrown in for good measure. And where there is glockenspiel, one will find Mr. G's song of the week. Enjoy!

[mp3] The New Pornographers - Hey, Snow White

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Justine said...

What a great addition to this already top-of-the-class blog. Can't wait to be introduced to another song this week, glockenspiel or not.