Monday, April 13, 2009

Stuff I've been Digging.

I've been listening to a tonne of stuff lately, a lot of it good, but nothing has really, really, stood out like it has when I heard albums like Dead Calm Horizon, Illinois (and Illinoize), Gulag Orkestar, Hymns for the Happy, etc., etc.

I think part of this has been because I've been trying to listen to everything that comes in, and I'm getting a little overwhelmed; and, also, because I've been listening to a lot of stuff on my computer speakers, which are howdoyousay... shitty. Any commentary, like "hey - you should really listen to this again, or, this sounds a lot like..." would be helpful.

1. Handsome Furs Face Control
... sounds almost the same as the first one, which was good, but for me its just a little too much of the same.

2. Bonnie "Prince" Billy Beware
... I like this one a lot better than the last one, whateveritwascalled, but it hasn't stood out. Definitely need to give this one a couple of runs through.

3. Dog is Blue ... Makes Ghost Noises
... after two laps through I'm really enjoying how different/unique Paul's voice is. Expect a "review" and some type of email exchange - provided Paul is still agreeable - sometime in the next... month/3 weeks.

4. The Ghost is Dancing Battles On
... really, really, great boy-girl rock/pop.

5. Brother Ali The Truth is Here EP
... the beat from the first song "Real As Can Be" is awesome, but I can't remember anything past that. Bad sign? Probably... but it is the B-Sides from last year's album...

6. The Rest Everything All At Once
... Allan ( is super high on this album, I'm warming up, and I'm expecting Adam - from the band - will give me his best sales pitch when we exchange emails this week...
[mp3] The Rest - Everything All At Once

7. Thunderheist Thunderheist
... not exactly profound ("youcanyoucandothistaptaptaptapthebooty"), but fun.
[mp3] Thunderheist - Sweet 16
I almost forgot, although you're all probably sick of me mentioning them:

8. The Black Hat Brigade Fathers EP
... which I've talked about ad nausea the past couple weeks...
[mp3] Black Hat Brigade - Zombie City Shake

... the odds of me getting to all of these? Saying that its unlikely might be the understatement of the year...

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Paul said...

I'm looking forward to the email exchange when I'm back from tour (got three shows in Newfoundland this week)! The Rest's album is awesome. It's been great company on this trip.