Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pick of the Week #13: Timber Timbre

There was a lot of humming and hawing about this week's pick at BM headquarters (yes, I'm going to keep using that acronym) and I was prepared at three separate times to write about three separate albums. But, when it came down to it, I was never really thrilled with my choice.

Then I got an e-mail from a reader asking about some Bruce Peninsula tracks I had posted after their Horseshoe show - the guy from Timber Timbre is in Bruce Peninsula - and then I remembered Medicinals which I didn't really connect with when it was sent to me (searching gmail... isn't it great?) a year ago!

So, its fair to say that its taken a while for me to get into Timber Timbre and his folky, bluesy, plodding, kind of tunes. If BP is the haunted old country house, Timber Timbre the long trip through the woods (possibly at night) to get to the house... thinking more about it, it may actually be the musical equivalent of The Road by Cormac McCarthy... do you think they're still doing their sound editing?

At any rate, if you like Bruce Peninsula you really ought to check out Timber Timbre... if you don't know either, then check out both... if you don't like BP, then I'd check TT anyway... and if you know and like both of them, then you're way ahead of me...

[mp3] Timber Timbre - Like A Mountain
[mp3] Timber Timbre - There is a Cure

PS - There's a new album s/t by TT, which I'm going to try and get my hands on, but if the guys at Herohill are to be believed, its different, but also quite good.

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Anonymous said...

every song kinda reminds me of the song freedom by Charles Mingus with old honky white guys instead of well Danny Richman.