Friday, June 12, 2009

And its another prank call, in the middle of the night....

I think you're going to hear a lot more chatter about CVG (Chad VanGaalen) after the Polaris long list comes out on Monday. His 2008 album, Soft Airplane, was regarded by a lot of people - including me - as the best of 2008, but its not like Soft Airplane came out of nowhere.

CVG (otherwise known (by me) as the Tim Burton of singer-songwriter music)'s first major release was Infiniheart (2004), which I'd argue is every bit as good as Soft Airplane - if a little bit longer and more drawn out. And while there wasn't a real lot of recognition for the 2004 release, it certainly put him on the map, got him signed with Subpop Records (and arguably got him a Polaris nomination for the not-nearly-as-good Skelliconnection (2006))... I guess my point here being, if you're going to looking back into CVG's back catalogue start with Infiniheart.

So, while the following videos are super, super, weird (which, it should be noted, are actually pretty fitting given the content of the songs) Chad VanGaalen is still very awesome, but I suspect this is not news to many of you...

"Clinically Dead" from Infiniheart [2004]

"Red Hot Drops" from Skelliconnection [2006]

"Molten Light" from Soft Airplane [2008]

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