Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Tracks: Pink Mountaintops, Arietta, Dog Day

In an effort to cover more of the music that's being sent my way I'm going to try to do more short blurbs about the stuff that goes in my ears (sorry, I'm exhausted) outside of the occasional cue tip or finger....

1. Pink Mountaintops
Despite the fact that Stephen McBean (pronounced Mc-Bain, like the Simpsons character)'s father was my MA thesis supervisor, I've never cared/paid attention to any of his work (Black Mountain). But something about the new Pink Mountaintops album, Outside Love, has really grabbed me. It's still that grungy kind of psych rock, but its calmer, less-brash, and consequently much more up my alley...
[mp3] Pink Moutaintops - While You Were Dreaming

For the record, Matthew likes it too.

2. Arietta
Bob is pretty into Arietta, and their new album Migration. For me, they're a little aggressive. Not that their music is completely unintelligable, because its not, Bob actually describes their music as more "angsty music for the sophisticed listener". That said, their brand of punk/rock probably would've been right up my alley about 7/8 years ago, now, its a little much...
[mp3] Arietta - Old Habits Die Young

3. Dog Day
If I have one goal for the rest of the week (yeah, I'm real over achiever), its to give Dog Day's Concentration a really solid couple of spins. Its an album that I think I'm going to really like if I give it some time. My first impression of the band is that they're like a darker version of Stars, but its possible that analogy is not at all accurate...
[mp3] Dog Day - Rome

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