Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sexy Singles! Pseudonymns Edition: That's the Spirit, Kalle Mattson, Dog is Blue

Ben Wilson a.k.a. That's the Spirit - contributor to my Best ____ of '08 project - was recently featured on NPR's "All Songs Considered", and, well, if its good enough for them... actually, it just made me re-listen to his myspace tracks, which led to me giving his latest album Staying Places a few serious spins. I like what I'm hearing, and its decidedly more substantial than I was expecting (i.e. its much more than just the terrific single "Orienteering").
[mp3] That's the Spirit - Orienteering

I expected when I got the friend request from Kalle Mattson that I'd be listening to a Nordic songstress not unlike Lykke Li, rather than a quartet from Sault Ste. Marie, but the world is a weird and wonderful place sometimes, isn't it? Kalle's album Whisper Bee is a quaint, pleasant, conversational album from what seems like a really nice group of kids(?)... so, if you ever find yourself in the SUE with nothing to do, I'd look them up; or, if for one reason or another Northern Ontario isn't in your travel plans, you might consider catching them this summer when they swing down to SW Ontario...
[mp3] Kalle Mattson - Whisper Bee

Paul Watson's alter-ego Dog is Blue is in process of putting together a covers EP as a follow up to his debut album ...Makes Ghost Noises. Currently, I think Paul has got some covers of some of his favourite Torontonians, including the one featured below of Jenny Omnichord's "Blankets and Bones". That said, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping he might throw in a some type of hip-hop cover... I'm going to suggest the new Sean Kingston single "Fire Burning" or the Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow", but I'm not an actual musician, nor will I have to ever perform it, so I suppose I can't be too upset if that doesn't happen...
[mp3] Dog is Blue - Blankets and Bones

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