Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mr. G's Song of the Week "The Ark"

There comes a time in a man's life when he needs to shamelessly plug his favourite band to any and all who are willing to listen. This is something I have been doing - quite shamelessly indeed - since I discovered Dr. Dog as a shy, unassuming undergraduate student in early 2007. It was a time in my life when my musical horizons were expanding at rates I never thought imaginable. I was soaking up new music at such a rapid pace that I rarely found myself giving a record more than a couple of spins before moving on to the next.

The way I remember it, it was while prepping for my second of three consecutive Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival pilgrimages, that I discovered a musical act with an unusual name. I promptly dismissed them, assuming Dr. Dog was just a DJ or rapper with a crappy, unimaginative moniker. But at the suggestion of a friend, I took a second look and a first listen. What I discovered was a band (5-piece) that both wreaked of 1960s psychedelic pop-rock (which is good in my books) but also possessed a modern edge and grittiness to their music (also good in my books). It was music quite unlike any I had ever heard and seemingly tailor made to my tastes. What resulted was not only a second and third spin of Dr. Dog's first full-length studio album, "Easy Beat", but hundreds more including their follow-up albums "We All Belong" and "Fate". The latter is that from which I have plucked this Song of the Week.

"The Ark" is an incredible expression of the search for meaning in life that has plagued humanity throughout its long history. From times biblical, up to the modern day, it is a question with which every person struggles. I would have never guessed that such vexing philosophical quandaries could be paired with deep bass grooves, growling vocals, and spine-bending guitar riffs, but in this case of this song, it is a match made in music heaven. Dr. Dog's signature, soulful harmonies add the icing to this already ear-pleasing cake. Enjoy!

[mp3] Dr. Dog - The Ark


Anonymous said...

Dude, nice story but this link is F-D up!

Jesse said...

Link works for me with Quicktime.