Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pick of the Week #22: Pink Mountaintops

I have never cared much for the work of Stephen McBean. More studious readers may recall my comparison of Black Mountain to Gilbert Arenas (readers who are not basketball fans should note that this was not a particularly flattering comparison, at least when I made it).

So, obviously, when I read Matthew's review suggesting that the album was not a typical McBean album, it occurred to me that it might be worth listening to. And it really is. Not that I spent any great deal of time with any of Black Mountain's albums, but this seems really, really, different to me. Certainly the grungy power chords(?) linger in the background, but the album is driven by a different sort of motif...

The album kind of feels like McBean and Co. got a wheelbarrow full of marijuana, a bunch of take-out menus, some old records, and hunkered down to write an album. I picture McBean, followed by an enormous cloud of smoke, walking out of this house, handing the record to some executive and walking back in the house and going back to bed (note: I actually have no idea of what McBean's drug use habits are).

The bottom line is that Outside Love is a terrific, terrific, album that should appeal to stoners (like, the guy who showed up my Tuesday night dodgeball game wreaking of weed) and the clean shaven, straight laced members of society, a-like.

[mp3] Pink Mountaintops - Vampire
[mp3] Pink Mountaintops - Axis Thrones of Love

"Vampire" w/ footage from the movie Let the Right One In, which is supposed to be excellent according to Kyle.

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