Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Acorn/Ohbijou EP + Heron Act by The Acorn

I don't have anything particularly inspiring to say about either the Acorn/Ohbijou split EP, or The Acorn's live release Heron Act, except that they're both about exactly what you'd expect, excellent.

Although, I will say that its probably a testament to how good both bands are that both these releases, while excellent, didn't exactly floor me. And, I suspect, this is probably since they aren't really new, but a way for both bands to make a little cash (which is okay, since they're not exactly millionaires) and to tide people like me over until they release a new, new record.

[mp3] Ohbijou - Darcy
[mp3] The Acorn - Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper Cover)

Oh, and if you haven't got your tickets for their Nov. 27th show at Lee's Palace, I'm going to suggest you do so soon, since, you know, it'll sell out. Also, as an added bonus, I'm under the impression that the Rural Alberta Advantage will be opening for the both of them.

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