Monday, November 10, 2008

Central Meaner Street by EX-PO

First, did anyone make it to the Provincial Parks CD release?

Second, how 'bout them Raptors? Nice little come back win in Charlotte, huh? I guess they were playing Charlotte, but still... third, why do I see Chris Humphries on the floor now when the Raptors aren't up or down 20 late in the fourth quarter?

Forth, I've been going through a phase with a lot of good music lately. Hooray! So, if you're new and been noticing my recommendations change a lot you should know that I'm not Rolling Stone and you do not get a recommendation (from the R.O.B. - god, don't you love it when I refer to myself in the third person with my self-given nickname? - I sound like a rapper, don't I?) just for showing up. In fact, the 'recently added' list on my iTunes has, I'd say, at least 4 or 5 albums that should figure somewhere on my year end list.

So about this EX-PO... EX-PO (otherwise known as Dean Marino - or, I assume, since that's who e-mailed me) does "a lot of work with ... bands like Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians, Amy Milan, etc." and, well, that work it evident in the production of Central Meaner Street. That said, there is something about the album as a whole that doesn't really jive for me. There are a lot of catchy hooks (see: 'My New Story'), but Marino's voice may just be outmatched by the production. And, while it may not be my favourite, in the interest of promoting artists from my new home city I'd encourage you at least to check out his myspace...

[mp3] EX-PO - My New Story

EX-PO is at Racho Relaxo December 4th...

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ack said...

Woah. Slow down R.O.B. - having Hump on the court is always a good thing.