Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hymns for a Dark Horse by Bowerbirds

After looking through the wikipedia entry for 'bowerbird' I can't say that I see anything remarkable about the bird, but, luckily for the band they are much more... markable...
wow... good one Rob... eloquent ... very eloquent... good intro...

I came across Bowerbirds through a Take Away Show via La Blogotheque probably, say, six months ago and promptly forgot about them until I was puttering around on La Blogotheque last week. I picked up their album Hymns for a Dark Horse, which was released in its initial form in 2007 (I guess), but I suspect there has been some kind of re-release since Amazon says '08 - which means I get to count it for this year's 'Best of' list.

The album? Well, I think they kind of sounds like a more American version of the Acorn - with a girl. What exactly makes it more American? If I could explain that, people might pay me to right this shit... Or, maybe I just think they sound the same since the lead singers look somewhere near exactly the same.

The outstanding one-two punch to start off the album (I'm pretty sure you need to left-click, and then it'll take you to the page to download... I think):

[mp3] Bowerbirds - Hooves
[mp3] Bowerbirds - In Our Talons

If someone wants to let me know whether this works that'd be great... AND thanks to Allan for helping me out with this...

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