Sunday, November 16, 2008

NuJazz Festival - King Sunshine @ the Opera House, Nov. 15

When we left the house on Saturday night I had really no idea that Liz and I were going to end up at the 1st Annual (can you really use that if your event has been running for less than, say, 5 years?) NuJazz Festival. I did know that the weather was Shitty, I was pretty comfortable sitting on the couch at home, and that free concert up at the North York Public Library was much, much, closer - thus making it between 100 and 1,000 times more appealing. But, Liz's friend Maya is (or was) the lead singer of the 'NuJazz' band King Sunshine, who were playing down at the Opera House... ahhh what we do for love.

So, given that this (NuJazz) scene really wasn't (and really isn't my bag) I had a pretty awesome time. I mean, not a get-smashed-carve-up-the-dancefloor kind of good time, but I enjoyed the music a lot more than I thought I would. I've heard Liz rave about how good Maya's voice is, and I'd seen her once before a couple years ago in a much more subdued setting, and she was very impressive. Like, she has one of the - if not the most - impressive voice I have ever heard live. She has a Miriah Carey-esque range, which doesn't really translate on any of the recorded King Sunshine or the stuff I've heard or Maya's myspace stuff.

Anyways, this was Maya's last gig with King Sunshine, which is a shame, one because the rest of the band didn't take the time to thank her. Also, because without her King Sunshine is just another house band (I've expressed my distaste for jam-band-type stuff before), and it seemed to me that she really carried the band. I mean, you could hear the crowd talking and generally not paying attention through the jam sessions, but when she was on stage everybody was having a good time. But, I suppose I'm a little biased. Hopefully things will work out well for everyone.

King Sunshine @ the Opera House, Nov.15 "Monkey" feat. a dancing gorilla

Miss Maya 'Smile' (Lily Allen cover) - Outstanding -

And now that I've found this video of her doing a cover of Lily Allen I will begin my quest to get her to do a cover of 'Valerie' (who knew Wale was in the video?)... expect a few more updates on Maya in the future.

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Miss Maya said...

Thanks so much Rob! That was such a nice write-up (is that blog lingo? I'm not sure.)

I'm glad you had a good time. I didn't get smashed and tear up the dancefloor either but I did enjoy myself. I promise to cover Valerie for you. I love love love that song. She may be a crack-head (perhaps the reason she was left out of the video) but the woman has ability for certain.

Let's all hang soon in a non-club/performance setting. I'm partial to dinners, lunches and tea parties.

Thanks again!