Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bowerbirds w/ Megafaun @ Sneaky Dee's. Tues. July 14. 2009

I'm exhausted (what else is new...) from work, etc. (but mostly work), so some thoughts on the Bowerbirds show at Sneaky Dee's last night in 15 minutes or less (so I can relax, have a beer, play some NBA '09, and watch some Ali G)...

Megafaun, and no, I'm not mis-spelling Mega-fun, although they were fun. And certainly that's what I'd take away from the Durham, NC band's set. They get an A+ for their banter: talking to the guy who was wearing a Durham Bulls t-shirt, inviting an audience member up to do a harmonica solo, and closing out the set acoustically in the middle of the floor (see photos below). That said, I've got a suggestion for the band: you ought to change your name from Megafaun, which is cool, I guess, to Men with Beards (see photos below).

Bowerbirds, by contrast, probably couldn't have been much more serious, not necessarily in a bad way, but were much more clinical about reproducing songs that are, in a word, breathtaking. Their songs, which are driven by the classical guitar, were put together just as beautifully as they were on the album, only could've sounded better if they were in a place with better acoustics -- say, Massey Hall, or, Aoelian Hall in London, On -- rather than above a place that was surving half priced fajitas (which I wouldn't recommend)...

A couple of other Bowerbirds notes:
[mp3] Bowerbirds - In Our Talons (live @ Sneaky Dee's)
[mp3] Bowerbirds - Bur Oak (live @ Sneaky Dee's)



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