Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pick of the Week #26: Dog Day

This album, Concentration, by Halifaxian band Dog Day has been steadily growing on me over the past couple of months. Its certainly taken a few mentions from some different blogs, a number of listens, but I've come to the conclusion that DD is some sort of bizzaro version of Stars (not, sissy In Our Bedroom After the War, Stars; but awesome Heart and Set Yourself on Fire, Stars).

Its entirely possible - nay, probable - that this isn't a fair (or accurate!) description, but something about the boy-girl dynamic, the catchy, poppy, hooky, nature of the vocals and composition recalls the best parts of what Stars did through the mid 00s. Of course, DD is not Stars. No. One only need to look at the album art (or this google images search "dog day band") that there is something slightly darker about the band, and its not just their hair colour! When I say "darker" it could just be the use of minor chords(?), because underneath that dark visage/hair they are still a catchy, poppy, hooky kind of boy-girl indie rock-pop band. And a very good one at that.

That said, there's something missing from Concentration that doesn't quite bring it over the hump to make it a pantheon level album the way that Set Yourself on Fire is. I'm not sure whether its a lack of contrast between the songs, the lack of a real 'knock you on your ass' single - although "Rome" is a pretty spectacular song that might be better than anything on SYOF, or just a lack of big label/Pitchfork type buzz surrounding the band. The shame of it all is that this is the type of music that I think is appealing to a pretty substantial cross-section of the public, should be on the radio, and not enough people will hear this record. So, do me a solid, listen to the mp3 and pass it on to a friend....

[mp3] Dog Day - Rome


"Oh Dead Life" from Night Group [2007]

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