Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mr. G's Song of the Week: "When I Go Away"

If you've been a regular reader of Mr. G's Song of the Week since its inception not too long ago, then it's likely become obvious to you that I have a certain affinity for modern indie rock music. This is true. There are a lot of fantastic bands playing cool and innovative music that can be placed under the broad umbrella that is "indie". But, dear friends, I must inform you that this is only one side of my musical personality (and a relatively new one, at that). The truth is, the foundation of my appreciation for music in general is steeped in the raw deliciousness of rock music from the '60s and '70s. Personal favourites include The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, Little Feat, and the band to whom today's SOTW selection is inherently connected... The Band.

The inherent connection to which I allude is that Levon Helm, the artist responsible for this week's outstanding auditory offering, was the drummer of the legendary The Band. Today he fronts The Levon Helm Band and this week's selection is off of his new album, Electric Dirt, the follow-up to his Grammy award-winning Dirt Farmer, his first studio release since 1982. So allow me, if you will, to break from my indie rock monotony and present to you a song that incorporates the staples of what one would consider to be true music Americana. Incorporating elements of country, blues, gospel and soul, "When I Go Away," penned by the band-hopping multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell, and brought to another level by Levon's raspy vocal delivery, is a foot-stomping hand-clapper that you won't soon forget. And he shall be Levon. The legend continues to grow.

[mp3] Levon Helm - When I Go Away

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