Monday, July 13, 2009

The Kickdrums....

So, I'm sitting around this afternoon (yesterday) trying to find something to write about for tomorrow (today) and I'm feeling like many of you will probably not want to hear about my NBA '09 team (NYK w/ LeBron James and a 37 yr old Steve Nash who is past his prime but can still pass and hit the 3) or my thoughts on UFC 100 (watching people get hurt is fun!), but I'm thinking you may want to hear about this band, The Kickdrums.

Actually, I'm not so sure they're a band as, from what I can gather from their press-release/myspace stuff they are two guys, one DJ/Producer, one guitarist/singer-songwriter. Their album/EP, Just A Game, kind of has the feel of that collaboration that Jay-Z and Chris Martin did "Beach Chair" on Jay's Kingdom Come (you know, the first album he did after he retired). Their songs are hip-hop production with a sort of atmospheric vibe, but they have this kind of Brit-rock sensibility the way the guitars and drums are overlayed on the beats... if that makes any sense whatsoever...

I'm not sure whether the Kickdrums have the potential to have as broad an appeal as someone, like, say, Mark Ronson (producer of Lily Allen's first album) or Mike 'The Streets' Skinner, but listening to the beats on tracks like "Impatient (Slow Down)" and "Things Work Out" you gotta think there's a chance.

[mp3] The Kickdrums - Just a Game
[mp3] The Kickdrums - Things Work Out

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Anonymous said...

This song is incredible. I found it the other day on some site with some more great Kickdrums tracks.