Sunday, July 5, 2009

PS I Love You presents... Bear & Fox's Big Adventure in Married! @ the Toronto Fringe Festival

I'm not a completely unbiased reviewer since my friend/classmate/fellow meth addict (kidding! ...about the meth addict part) plays "fox" aka. Shelby Rochelle McCormick in Bear & Fox's Big Adventure in Married! That aside, the hour long musical-comedy-group-therapy-session-concert was the funniest thing I've seen/heard in a long, long time (note: I laughed harder during this than I did during the Hangover).

The premise of the play is that Kip and Shelby Rochelle McCormick (or, Bear and Fox metaphorically speaking) are out attempting to help others fix their marriages by sharing their experience in a "group therapy" session/musical concert. Part SNL skit (see: the Culps'), part Flight of the Conchords, part Christopher Guest movie the show was a mix of banter between the McCormicks, and their songs like "Emotional Knife Fight", "The Ballad of Shut Your Mouth" and "Moustache Love". The highlight of the night, for me, was the McCormick's pitch of a Marriage is Like... calendar (available 2010) featuring slogans such as: marriage is like 9/11... I was actually in tears by that point.

The Eye Weekly review (3 stars) points out that the script tends to wander, or, that the marriage seminar concept tends to get lost a little bit, and, they're probably a little bit right. The seminar aspect doesn't necessarily get fully realized, but, honestly, I didn't care so much. The characters, the songs, and the interaction between Kip, Shelby, and their neighbour Keith (who Kip is gay for) is so on point that it hardly matters... and given that you're only going to pay $10 for the show, its well, well, worth seeing...

You can check out the comedy troop that PS I Love You is a part of at, or the show at the Factory Studio (Bathurst and Adelaide) on:

Wednesday July 8 9:45pm
Friday July 10 12:15pm
Saturday July 11 8:45pm
Sunday July 12 1:00pm

... am hoping that I can convince/help Mel come up with a myspace page/some audio, because they are truly, truly, hilarious in a pantheon level way. AND, McMaster, where the group is from, is where Eugene Levy, Martin Short, and John Candy all got there start, so, you never know...

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