Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pick of the Week #30: The Wooden Sky - If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone

A little late for this week, but better late then never!

I've mentioned before that I was pretty sure that I'd seen the Wooden Sky, but kind of ignored them. What I haven't mentioned (because I hadn't taken the time to listen to anything they've ever done) is that they might be the best band you've never heard of, that is, of course, presuming that you've never heard of them (or that you have heard of great bands like these, these, or these). I guess the point being that I'm generally very impressed with the Wooden Sky's new album If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone.

The reason I'm so convinced that you'll like the Wooden Sky - unless you're one of those musichastobeweirdandobscuretolikeit types - is that their album feels like a major label release: high production value, catchy choruses, a consistent sound but a variety of song tempos, and a hell of a lead single "Something Hiding For Us In The Night" which is, quite possibly, my favourite song of the year. While If I Don't Come Home has those kind of major label qualities, there is the indie-rock/roots/country feel to their music that makes you feel that it is written by real human people, going through real human emotions (rather than by suits who adjust notes and tweak song lyrics based on the responses of focus groups).

And while I'm sure you've all stopped by because my blog is the epicenter of the Canadian music blogosphere, you might be interested to know that there have been many, many, many, many (and probably more) positive things already said about the soon to be released (Aug. 25th for those keeping track at home) If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone. I think we'll be adding this record to the, strong consideration for Hottest Canadian Band/Polaris 2010/Top Records of 2009 list.

[mp3] The Wooden Sky - Something Hiding For Us In The Night

From the new record "Oh My God (It Still Means A Lot To Me)"

And, a live video by Scott Cudmore of "The Late King Henry" which has a very Oh, Brother feel to it.

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