Monday, August 10, 2009

D-Sisive "Mr. Daydream" and Let the Children Die

Thanks to the good people at Urbnet and the Musebox I was able to get my hands on the Polaris Long List album Let the Children Die by D-Sisive. I, of course, was curious as the prolific reviewers at the Herohill are big fans, but I also feel like I've been going through a big hip-hop drought this year. I'm not entirely sure whether Let the Children Die is going to fill that void as I tend to favour hip-hop with that is production heavy (read: like Kanye West does it), and tend to stay away from the more minimalist beats that are featured on D-Sisive's newest album.

That said, the new video for "Mr. Daydream" has given me something to connect with (I have a visual-spacial learning style). So, who knows, maybe I'll begin to see what the Polaris Jury saw in Let the Children Die and figure out what the BFD is about, but, as I write this my head is nodding to "Nobody with a Note Pad" and "I See" which are getting iTunesed to my Best of '09 playlist. I guess what this means is that its probably not the last time you'll hear about D-Sisive from me...

[mp3] D-Sisive - Nobody With A Notepad

"Mr. Daydream" dir. Miles Davren

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