Monday, August 3, 2009

True Blood

I've got to say I didn't expect to get into True Blood, and not that I think its god's gift to TV or anything, but I did make it the entire way through season 1. Not that that's a ringing endorsement or a reason to go out and buy the DVDs, although the fact that I was willing to spend 12 hours (granted, I was playing video games much of the time) in front of the TV (computer) says that there must be something compelling/moderately interesting about the show (or, it says that I have really, really, needed a diversion after work).

While I certainly haven't been blown away by the writing, acting, character development, and on and on and on, there's a really cool aesthetic to True Blood. The fact that its set in the American South in a distopia where humans and vampires are beginning to learn to co-exist (I'm not sure whether the creators are trying to draw any parallels to the civil rights movements -- if so... really? -- that whole aspect of the show really, really, rubs me the wrong way) the way the show is shot, the sets, the costuming, etc. is all pretty cool.

Cool enough to overcome mediocre everything else, and cool enough that I'm prolly going to get into S2 later this week. But if True Blood has made me realize something else, its that I ought to be watching more movies/reading/exercising/getting out more...

I don't normally add song in on posts like this, but these are a couple of the best songs of the year...

[mp3] Bon Iver - Blood Bank
[mp3] Pink Mountaintops - Vampire

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