Thursday, August 13, 2009

When Brakes Get Wet We'll Hope For The Best

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One of the most fun things about the interweb music era is finding something new, interesting, but also something that you say to yourself, I'm curious where that came from I want to know more (if you're more smart than me, you'd probably say something eloquent). Anyways, as you may have guessed by my lead in, I'm in that sort of discovery phase with (apparently) Canadian indie music icon, Julie Doiron.

This, to me, is a pretty cool thing, since I don't really get to 'discover' stuff so much anymore. Which is certainly not to say that I know everything, but I feel like its rare for me to find someone who has been this prolific (she has been making records since 1993 on her own, and since 1990 w/ Eric's Trip) but also someone who is so universally adored by everyone who has written about her. Also, I think being on the Jagjaguwar label (Bon Iver, Besnard Lakes, Pink Mountaintops, etc.) speaks volumes about her street cred, as it were.

I guess all this stuff about how great JD is has led me to wonder why I hadn't heard her stuff before. I've got some theories, one involves her establishing herself in the pre-interweb, digital media era; another involves her un-Jessica Simpson/Jenny Lewis/Santigold sort of look/persona that isn't marketable, or that; she just may like making music, touring and playing, and isn't really interested in being rich, famous, or otherwise adored by people like me (and probably you to).

But rather that fleshing out those (half-baked) theories, I thought I would solicit some suggestions on JD's best work from those who are familiar. I e-mailed Bryan from Herohill and he suggested: the new one, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day [2009]; the Polaris nominated, Woke Myself Up [2007]; or Heart and Crime [2002]. I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions....

Here's what the fuss is about...

[mp3] Julie Doiron - When Brakes Get Wet

"Consolation Prize" from I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day [2009]

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Allan said...

I thought her album was snubbed this year of Polaris Prize consideration.