Sunday, August 30, 2009

District 9

I went to go see District 9 with my dad last night. It was unbelievable... in a good way. Just really, really, good. In fact, I tweeted last night that I thought it might be one of the better movies of the decade. You probably want to take that with a grain of salt given my track record of getting really excited about something right after I see it/hear it.

Unlike anything I've seen recently (and I saw Inglorious Basterds on Weds.), the movie was incredibly well layered. It was a compelling personal story (both Wikus Van Der Merwe and the father and son Prawn), overlayed against in incredibly interesting political backdrop, with wicked-awesome action scenes, set in a well crafted future distopia. That, and the documentary style interviews along with the use of non-standard cameras (security cameras, some POV - I think) gave the film even more life.

At worst, the film was as good as Children of Men and at best this'll be a movie like Planet of the Apes (not the remake starring Mark Wahlberg) that every parent will show their kids. Anyone else seen it?

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woodpeck said...

t'was a great movie! best part was when the pain in the butt army dude got prawned!
seriously though, went in with no xpectations and enjoyed it wholeheartedly! others should do the same!