Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. G's Song of the Week "Warped Sister"

Well folks, this is it... my final blog post written in North America. On August 22nd, my wonderful female companion, Justine, and I will be relocating to the truly burgeoning metropolis that is Milano, Italia (no offense, London, ON'ers). I am hoping to continue contributing to this fine online publication, but it's difficult to know at this point whether time will allow for it. On top of the complications of moving to a new country, myself and Mrs. G (as Rob likes to call her) are preparing to endure our first year as teachers. So, like I said, should time and a stable internet connection be made available, you will continue to be subjected to my music musings on a weekly basis.

For this final North American post, I wanted to pick a song that was just downright funky. Something to force you out of your seat and make you dance nonsensically around whatever space you happen to inhabit. Well ladies and gents, it don't get much funkier than the man who penned "Green Onions," one of the grooviest instrumental tunes of all time. His name is Booker T. Jones. He fronted the Booker T. and the MGs throughout the '60s and '70s and did things to the Hammond B-3 organ that to this day cannot be replicated. And not only all of that, but after a 17-year hiatus since his last studio album, the man is back this year with a new record, Potato Hole.

Joined in the recording sessions by southern rock dynamos, Drive-By Truckers, and none other than Neil Young, Booker T. has put together an album of original instrumental tracks, with a few covers sprinkled in, designed to remind you just how good he can really be. The cream of the crop is "Warped Sister," an organ-driven beauty that, as designed, will be sure to induce furious booty-shaking. I hope you enjoy this installment of Song of the Week, and I'll be in touch soon from the other side of the pond.

A presto,

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