Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm A Connector, re: The RAA

The Rural Alberta Advantage have had a terrific year (even if you still don't know who they are), they were featured on this website (which I've never been to) eMusic - apparently a big deal, they've played a bunch of shows all over the place, they've been on ABC (like, the TV network), and they've been signed to Saddle Creek Records (Bright Eyes, Tokyo Police Club). This, IMHO, is a little ways from playing in front of me, Liz, and possibly 5 other people at the Alex P. Keaton (London, On) last March.

While I'm not sure Liz has warmed to the band (sorry Nils), the band might take solice in the fact that they've become popular enough that someone (possibly an intern at Saddle Creek) has created a wikipedia page for them. There's that, they got a very respectable 8.0 from Pitchfork, and have been slowly getting more and more attention from blogs (like this one, but outside Toronto).

The one thing I wonder/worry about for the RAA, is that their album Hometowns, and the band name (the Rural Alberta Advantage), is so rooted in Alberta and Albertan lore(?), that they may not have anywhere to go from here. I mean, I suppose they don't have to write another CD about Alberta, but, then the whole RAA name doesn't really make much sense... maybe they'll start a new trend of renaming their band before every CD and if they do I'm going to suggest a CD about Toronto by David Miller and the Garbage Collectors entitled The Garbage Strike (TM).

[mp3] The Rural Alberta Advantage - Frank, AB
[mp3] The Rural Alberta Advantage - Don't Haunt This Place

"Edmonton" ... this is why they put out one of the best records of '08


Anonymous said...

I don't think RAA's band name is much of an issue. A lot of bands have names absolutely unconnected to their songs, or they have a song that shares its title with the band's name. In any case, band names ultimately don't really matter that much. If they don't have their next album mentioning Alberta at all it shouldn't be a real issue.

In any case, changing their band name with every album wouldn't be a great idea. Amusing, sure, but more than likely confusing for casual fans.

woodpeck said...

thx 4 introducing us to the RAA! fantastic material!
the name won't hinder them at all, perhaps they will xpand what they sing about as they grow in popularity. the last release would be called "universe"! :)

Bobby B said...

Good post. I've been thinking the same thing as far as wondering where they could possibly go from here. I'm a little bit worried about their next album not quite measuring up or simply being another version of this one. We'll see...