Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm A Connector, re: The Antlers

There's a hilarious line in S3 of Friday Night Lights (the TV show, obvi) where J.D. McCoy's Mom explains that she's just read Malcolm Gladwell's 'The Tipping Point' (I think) and she explains how she's a connector, and so as an homage to Mrs. McCoy, I introduce the BM's newest segment (to appear periodically until I give up on it) "I'm A Connector".

You may remember the Antlers as Pick of the Week #5, when they were an un-signed band promoting their album on their own (this may explain why they emailed me), but you will more likely remember them from being on Pitchfork's Best New Music list (or, probably, you still have no idea who they are).

I'm not sure that I have anything entirely new to say about such a haunting, sterile, album that makes you feel like you are the last person alive on earth. I haven't listened to it a tonne since I reviewed it, mostly because it makes me feel sad and lonely, and I try not to inflict that on myself too much (for much the same reason that I haven't had Bruce Peninsula's A Mountain is a Mouth on repeat -- still, both great albums). That said, if you're in the mood, or you're just a sad person, then this (Hospice) is probably something you should get your mitts on.

Anyways, its great to see things going well for the band as Hospice has been picked up by FrenchKiss (Passion Pit, The Hold Steady, The Dodos, etc.), has been remastered, and is out today (according to the band's press release) digitally, physically, and at your local record store (although, presumably not if your local record store is HMV).

So, hopefully things keep moving for the Antlers and hopefully they'll invite me out to their Sept. 24th show at the Horseshoe.

[mp3] The Antlers - Bear
[mp3] The Antlers - Two

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