Monday, February 11, 2008

Okkervil River @ La Maroquinerie Feb 8.08

This is my most concerted effort yet. Above is a picture that I took at the gig and below is the concert in full (which took some fiddling to get to the right size). I have now seen Okkervil River live 4 times and I am never unimpressed. The 'changing power of music' that I was waffling on about in my Dragonette post, well, where Dragonette failed, Okkervil River delivered. I was fairly tired upon arrival at La Maroquinerie, but one song in and I had completely forgotten about my fatigue and anything else that was bothering me at that point in time.

Will Sheff has an amazing energy on stage that is both captivating and engaging. Travis, the drummer, is enthusiastic and hilarious, especially when he mouths the words (positioned behind Will) and points his drumstick at the audience for emphasis. The rest of the group are solid and good all-round musicians. I love that they are continually stepping up their game by inventing interesting intros (the first song was a bit of a doozy) and transitions.

Truth time: I know the band, or Patrick and Travis. The last time they played in Paris I decided to be audacious and talk to them while they were tearing down their equipment. Patrick (guitar/backing vocals) and I chatted for a while, and he said that the next time they were in Paris to email and we'd arrange to hang out. Emails were sent but to no avail. I went down after the show to say hi and I received an apology and Patrick's personal email, phone number, and an invitation to see the group play at a festival in Spain (I will wait for a reply to the email I sent last night before booking my plane ticket). It could make for a fairly interesting posting.

Here is the concert in full, divided into three parts. Enjoy.

Okkervil River Part 1
Okkervil River Part 2
Okkervil River Part 3

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