Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Bullets: When Shaq Attacks!

  • Wednesday at around noon might have been the most exciting moment of my life. My favourite basketball blog (TrueHoop at ESPN) posted my comment on the Shaq trade:

If I'm Phoenix I make Shaquille O'Neal race Dick Bavetta [extremely old NBA referee] a la Charles Barkley. If he wins the trade goes through, if he loses then he promises to appear on a celebrity version of 'The Biggest Loser.'

  • In retrospect that might have been a little harsh, Shaq is not going to run with the Suns, but he'll be a good chemistry guy, a good inside presence, and a good mentor for Amare Stoudemire. Realistically, even though they had the best record in the West when the trade went through, they were something like 14-12 against the Western Conference which wasn't going to cut it during playoff time. Give GM Steve Kerr credit for having the testicular fortitude to make a move, even if it was trading their best defender, rebounder, finisher on the break. After I thought about it, I asked myself was Phoenix going to win a title pre-trade, and the answer was a resounding no. With Shaq, they're going to have to play a different style of game, and so, who knows...

I was going to post a Shaq song, but the Diesel is not a guy I want coming after me for copywrite infringement. Instead:

[mp3] Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment.mp3
  • My friend Cali's band, the Sea Inside, is playing tonight at Call the Office with a slew of other acts. I wrote about them and posted a video a few months ago. I'll encourage you to go see them, its definitely worth your time if you're in the area. Also, it was his birthday yesterday, and its one of my BFFs (Rosie)'s birthday tomorrow, so a song for both of them from the Winks album Birthday Party.
[mp3] The Winks - Guitar Swing.mp3
  • Also, I missed Jane Vain & the Dark Matter on Wednesday, since the weather was terrible and I hadn't heard enough good things yet to warrant me risking my life going out into the snow. Hopefully it was good, and hopefully they'll be back. That said, if they're in TO in the next few days so if anyone makes it to those shows I'd be interested to get a review.
[mp3] Jane Vain & The Dark Matter - C' mon Baby Say Bang Bang.mp3

  • Last bullet. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back and reading, as of today we should be over 1000 'total visitors', since I figured out how to add the counter a couple of months ago. Anyways, thanks, any feed back is always welcome, have a great weekend.
[mp3] Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof.mp3

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