Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Bullets: A Significantly Less Terrible Movie Night

  • I mentioned last week that Liz and I usually go to the movies on Tuesday, and rather than going out and seeing Vantage Point (35% on Rotten Tomatoes), Jumper (15%), or Fool's Gold (10%), staying in and catching the much hyped Once (97%) seemed like a decidedly better option. I had initially been a little hesitant about seeing it, because I had bought a Frames (Glen Hansard) album a year or so ago and I found the lyrics in individual songs were a little repetitive (like the track 'When Your Mind's Made Up' from Once). That said, I was a little worried that I'd be annoyed by the music, but the music exceeded my (low) expectations, and in spots - basically everything other than the studio session, which I thought was very forced - the music was pretty powerful, and the chemistry between Hansard and Irglova was great. I loved the awkwardness of their dialogue, the ambiguity of their relationship, and the ending, which I won't give away if you are the other person on this planet who hasn't seen it. I'm thinking about giving my Frames album another spin - I may, or may not, report back on that. Anyways, my favourite (most expressive - I think Hansard is at his best when he builds into a controlled shout - least repetitive) song from the soundtrack:
[mp3] Glen Hansard - Say It to Me
  • Herohill, a great Halifaxian music blog, has posted its second in a series of provincially themed mixtapes. This one, the Ontario Mixtape, is a great way to hear some Ontario bands that you might not have otherwise heard of, and who are likely playing near you (provided you live in Ontario). They seem to have their finger pretty firmly on the pulse of Canadian music, so, while I'm not a big fan of them omitting the Sunparlour Players, Ohbijou, or the Golden Hands Before God, its nice that they're giving a little love to Shad K. Anyways, I think its a great tape, and you can download a zip file at their website.
[mp3]Sunparlour Players- Wave North
  • The Most Serene Republic are in London on Friday for what I'm hoping will be a busy show at the (cringe) Salt Lounge. They are always entertaining and energetic live, and so it'll be interesting to see how their relatively new album (latter half of 2007) Population, holds up live. The new one seems to be a little less experimental, and, I think this will suit the kind of building, choursy, stuff that makes TMSR a treat to see live. Opening, for them are the Diableros, who I've never heard anything about, so we'll see how that goes.
[mp3]The Most Serene Republic - Humble Peasants
  • Also, I came across this awesome cover. I know nothing about the band, but this is awesome. Sorry, I have the vocab of a 15 year old valley girl... but it is awesome.
[mp3]Deer Tick - Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston cover)
  • Beirut, apparently, performed a live 'Black Session' for a French radio session back in November, and I have no idea how I might acquire it. If anyone has any ideas, this is something I'd love get my hands on.


Jesse said...

What does it say about us that we both really like movies with awkward dialogue?

rob v said...

I came across Deer Tick a couple months ago, and they were the best thing I heard that week! Another great New England band...