Saturday, February 2, 2008

Songs to Hibernate To

So, I've been couped up in the apartment for the last, say, 48 hours because of the weather and I'm praying that Wiarton Willie does (or doesn't) see his shadow, which ever one means no more snow. At any rate, I thought I'd share some songs that have made me feel better about being trapped in here:

The Golden Hands Before God (Windsor, On) Interlude.mp3
I understand that they have a record in the works, which is being produced by Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes).

Ohbijou (Toronto, On) Raccoons.mp3
My favourite record of last year that I have not heard anyone talk about. I highly, highly, recommend this track, their album Swift Feet For Troubling Times, and seeing them live.

Bon Iver (Wisc, USA) Skinny Love.mp3
Has been discussed on this blog previously here.

Stephen Malkmus (Portland, Ore) Out Of Reaches.mp3
Everytime I read or hear his name the only thing that I can think of is John Malkovich, don't ask me why, but I half expected Malkmus to be bald. He isn't. In fact, his myspace photo makes me think he is the portrait of a character that Hugh Grant should play. Anyways, I can't say that I'm a huge fan of his new album Real Emotional Trash, but I do like this song. Also, as Chris Neiles said, its kind of an appropriate song for Giants fans.

Julianna Barwick (Brooklyn, NY) Dancing With Friends.mp3
I literally know nothing about her, and I've come across her only once. This song ended up on my computer and feels like a really awesome combination of Sigur Ros and Panda Bear. It also was part of, perhaps, the funniest moment in my life when Liz's dad asked me (very curiously), "when exactly would you listen to that".

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