Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ra Ra Remixes: That is to say, Remixes of Ra Ra Riot Songs

Jen and I had been having this ongoing discussion about how we'd been both been feeling like we needed some inspirational music. I mentioned the other day that I really liked the Do, but I definitely wouldn't classify them as inspirational, I think they're probably too experimental to really pick me up.

That said, I think Ra Ra Riot is going to fill that void and really get me through the rest of winter. They even have an inspirational/tragic story about the mysterious death of their drummer. I don't want to compare their music to anyone, especially since I'm going to post remixes of their songs, but I get a kind of poppier Arcade Fire vibe from them sans banging on helmets, shouting through microphones, etc. I just compared them to someone, didn't I? The only shame about this is that Ra Ra Riot only has the one self-titled EP, but if you're jonesing (or rioting?) for more RRR I would check out their Daytrotter session from October 2007 where they perform 2 songs that aren't on their EP.

[mp3] Ra Ra Riot - Each Year [RAC Mix].mp3
[mp3] Ra Ra Riot - Ghost Under Rocks [Andrew Maury Remix].mp3

In other news: I'm going to try and catch Jane Vain & the Dark Matter at the Alex P. Keaton tonight. Also, I think Jen's seeing Dragonette, who I missed when they came to London (Ontario) in November.

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