Thursday, April 24, 2008

Babies Dream Big by Alan Wilkis

Maybe a week ago Alan Wilkis (Crooklyn, NY) sent me a note asking if I'd check out his album Babies Dream Big; since he asked nicely, and addressed the e-mail to me and not the title of the blog, which I thought was courteous, I did. Also, if the E*Trade baby and the Telus monkey have taught us anything, its that babies and animals sure can sell... so the title of the album and the artwork didn't hurt either.

My initial impressions of the album are very positive, as the album is just about a perfect one for sitting outside, relaxing on the balcony at night and having a cup of tea (this is, in fact, what I'm doing now). At times, he reminds me a little bit of Stevie Wonder or Jamie Lidell, but mostly I feel like this is what a Flaming Lips album would be like without the acid.

I'm not sure exactly how I'll feel about the album as a whole in another week/month/year end, but I've got a couple of tracks stuck in my head that will surely end up on some mixtapes for friends. My favourites:

[mp3] Alan Wilkis - Astronaut (Would You Be One)
[mp3] Alan Wilkis - It's Been Great

The album is available through CD Baby or iTunes.

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