Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Camaromance - Different Paths

First, I opted to check Woodhands over Basia on Friday, and, it was great. I hope to have some thoughts on them when/if they do in fact send over the mp3s for their latest album Heart Attack.

I started to cringe a little after about the first 5 seconds of (the) Camaromance's Different Paths [2006] when I heard what sounds like 'Soooo sooooorry babyy'... all the awful, awful, cliches about pop/rock/country, and music in general came rushing at me, and just about flipped the album off. I'm glad I didn't, because once you get past the cliches of the first few seconds, the album really picks-up, and delivers a very solid, glass-of-wine, throw-some-candles-on and have-a-bubble-bath kind of sound... or so I'd imagine if I trusted myself with matches and wasn't too manly for a bubble bath.

My favourites:
[mp3] Mostly Harmless <---- Liz really, really, likes this one
28 Balloons

Two more things about Camaromance (Martine Groulx):

1. She seems like a really genuinely nice person.
2. She's a long time friend of Polaris Prize winner Patrick Watson (who produced Different Paths and sings on 'Mixing Business with Pleasure' - I think) so I'd hope some of his recent success may rub off on her.

So, I'd definitely recommend checking her out live, although she doesn't have any dates in SW Ontario up on her myspace. I think she is/would be a great date band.

Her albums can be picked up here.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you give this album enough credit. I think it's great. It does much more than provide good company for a bubble bath.