Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Woodhands - Heart Attack

(uhhh.... this photo almost gave me a heart attack)

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I managed to catch Woodhands on Friday night at the Alex P. Keaton. Again, it was great, I haven't seen a band with that much energy in a while... especially since Woodhands consists of only Dan Werb (Keytar, Keyboards, etc.) and Paul Banwatt (Drums, etc.) it was a very, very, impressive sonic display. Some might say Sunparlour Players-esque, although very different genres of course. Perhaps the most impressive feat of the night was getting people in London to dance. I'm not sure I've ever seen dancing like that in London except when they play Fergie's 'So Delicious' at The Ceeps...

The album, Heart Attack, is pretty much the same thing except in CD (or mp3) form. There are a couple of spots like on 'Into the Woods' where it feels like things stretch out, but the album absolutely loaded with catchy, sweaty, electro-popping dance tracks.

The most exciting thing is that this album has the song of the summer. Here it is:

[mp3] Dancer

Initially, I was convinced that Woodhands guys had somehow got Lil' John (Liz thinks the guy from Prodigy) on this track, I can assure you that after seeing them live, that is not the case. That sound comes out of Dan (above left). Another really good one:

[mp3] Under Attack

You should really, really, see these guys live, or, buy their album and throw a dance party at your house. You can pick it up through Zunior for $8.88, or through Paper Bag Records.

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