Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tales of Interest: Thursday Edition... Good News/Bad News

  • Ummm.... I saw went to try and see the Golden Hands Before God last night... they were supposed to go on at 8, I left at 10 without any indication that anyone was going to go on. People gotta work, you know? Unfortunately, Liz and I were definitely not the only ones who left without seeing any music. It was really too bad. I'm not exactly sure who is to blame, but my mind this really doesn't look good on the band, or the London Music Club. So, hopefully somebody has an explanation for me. Probably the most annoying thing (other than waiting around for 2 hours, and spending $30 on tickets and drinks) was that I missed a (seemingly rare) Raptors win. I'd really like to keep rooting to tGHBG, but this isn't making it easy...

  • I got a second e-mail from Lipstik about their There is Only One Thing EP, which they tell me, someone described as 'ruggedly stunning'. It may be, I just can't get past their attempt at covering Tom Petty's 'Yer so Bad', off one of my favourite albums of all time, Full Moon Fever. If I'm going to be honest, I don't like it much at all, then again, I hated, hated, Ryan Adams' cover of 'Wonderwall'. I suppose I should let you all decide for yourselves. And, maybe this is no consolation to the band, but I definitely respect that they're trying to push their music... if they're ever in town I'd definitely go and see them live.
[mp3] Lipstik - Yer So Bad (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Cover)

  • On a brighter note, a couple of singles I've been really, really enjoying courtesy of Paul at Wolves, Hawks and Kites:
[mp3] The Coast - Killing Off Our Friends
Yellow Jacket Avenger - Hiding Out
  • Also, on an even brighter note, the new Tokyo Police Club Elephant Shell has apparently been available through iTunes for a little while now. In my opinion, its a little more subdued, and therefore infinitely more listenable than A Lesson in Crime or their other EPs. I'm really kicking myself for not going to see them either time they were in town this spring... this has album of the year potential.
[mp3] Tokyo Police Club - In a Cave
  • On the brightest of all possible notes, the Office is returning tonight. I'm excited for their dinner party.
Update: Jamie of the Golden Hands Before God has given, what is, I think, a satisfactory explanation in the comments below. I've sent an email out to the London Music Club, it'll be interesting to see what they have to say.

Double Update: Pete from the London Music Club has written to me, apologized and explained that they had somebody 'promote' the show, which normally doesn't happen. He's offered me a couple of tickets for another show of my choosing, so I suppose all is right with the world.


Paul said...

Hey Rob,

Thanks for giving WHK the nod! I've been meaning to get back to you about your comment on the Coast's album. It is definitely worth a listen, as there are a few standouts.

Don't worry, I've been left in the lurch trying to see a few shows myself (mostly due to my own stupidity mind you)...

ack said...

Plus, I'll be honest. Watching CB4 and CV3 go head to head was probably less enjoyable than standing in a bar getting angry that no band came on :)

The National did that here in Vancouver - but they made it worse by sound checking with everyone waiting - and then not telling anyone the opener canceled and letting us wait for 3 hours.

greerkind said...

We were as upset as you were. The website said the show was at 8pm, doors open one hour before show time and that we were the only opening band (The Golden Hands).

We got there at 6pm assuming there would be a soundcheck of sorts. We didn't get in till after 7pm, only to find out around 7:30 or so, that there was a third band added - a performance piece group called 6. We were told they were going on around 9pm but didn't get put on stage until close to 10:30.

I don't even think we hit the stage until closer to 11:30 - not exactly what we had been lead to believe, considering we were looking forward to an earlier show ourselves so we could make the drive back to Windsor that night with our friends (who like you, had to work in the morning).

Our apologies to everyone who missed out on the show, it was definitely not the first impression we wanted to leave on London.

Allan said...

Yay for the office. Definitely needed it to come back, ended up watching it despite my need for studying for an exam.

Sam Jacobs said...

Hey Rob-

Thanks for posting the song! Sorry you didn't like the cover. It's definitely different. And yes, Full Moon Fever is one of my all-time favorites as well.

We did the same thing with Lyin Eyes on our first record. Slowed it down, made it depressing, tried to blow it up, in a way. Some people liked it, some didn't. Some hate the Eagles so much they couldn't listen with a clear head.

Nevertheless, I appreciate you posting the tune and the shout-out. Hope you're well.

-- Sam // Lipstik

PS This EP will be the last one under the name Lipstik. Name change coming. Will keep you posted.