Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tales of Interest, Tuesday Edition... its business, its business time

  • As always I like to pass on links that I think are particularly hilarious... this one is: Hot Chicks with Douchebags. Its exactly what it sounds like, with commentary.
  • As you may, or may not be able to tell, I've been watching Flight of the Conchords lately. A couple of friends recommended it a while ago and I never got really into it. After Kyle threatened to use FotC quotes for all his posts I gave it a second chance, and, its pretty funny. I think its more funny since Liz has been singing "We like to rock the party" and "Its business time" around the house... I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been too... There's a self-titled FotCs album out on Subpop later this year...
[mp3] Flight of the Conchords - Business Time
[mp3] Flight of the Conchords - The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room
  • I always love a good mash-up, and I've been a big fan the Hood Internet... for a while. It was pretty awesome when I found out the other day that they have a couple of mixtapes (in dot zip form) on their website. My favs:
[mp3] The Hood Internet - Im a Flirt/Shoreline (R. Kelly vs. BSS)
[mp3] The Hood Internet - Rock Yo Sea Legs (Crime Mob vs. the Shins)
  • via Ohbijou's myspace there was a really nice Globe and Mail article written on the band's residency in the Banff (Alta) Centre's Indie Band Residency. The article explains that the band's first album - Swift Feet for Troubling Time (my number 8 of 2007, it easily could've been higher) - was haphazardly produced, I'm anxious to see what they can do given that they have some studio time. So, they're saying a fall release for a new album... very exciting. And, they are, in my humble opinion, the most under appreciated band in Canadian music right now.
[mp3] Ohbijou - Raccoons
[mp3] Ohbijou - The Woods


Jesse said...

Good news: Becca knew the first guy that came up on the douchebags with hot chicks site.

The R.O.B. said...

ummmm.... huh? how is that possible? Just so we're clear you said 'knew' and not 'is currently friends with' ... right?