Saturday, April 19, 2008

NBA Playoff Predictions... with minimal commentary

(just a thought... but if defense wins playoff games, Kyle Korver may not be getting many minutes this year)

Eastern Conference

Boston over Atlanta (4-0)
Detroit over Philadelphia (4-1)
Orlando over Toronto (4-3) (but, let's be honest, it doesn't matter who wins, because either teams is getting killed by Detroit)
Washington over Cleveland (4-2)

Boston over Washington (4-2)
Detroit over Orlando (4-1)

Boston over Detroit (4-2)

Wow. That was boring.

Biggest Upset threat: Cleveland. If LeBron proved nothing last year is that he can basically win a conference all by himself. I'm just worried about his back, otherwise, I would've picked Cleveland to win the conference.

Western Conference

LAL over Denver (4-1)
Dallas over New Orleans (4-3)
San Antonio over Phoenix (4-3)
Utah over Houston (4-1)

LAL over Utah (4-3)
San Antonio over Dallas (4-1)

LAL over San Antonio (4-3)

Biggest Upset threat: Utah, if they can somehow get it together and win a couple of road games. They can play shoot, play defense, and they have a couple of guys (Boozer and Williams) who can take over games.

Boston over LAL (4-2) only because the West is going to be an absolute slog to get through...


Jesse said...

But what makes you think the Wizards can beat him, even if his back isn't the best?

The R.O.B. said...

Two words... "Tough Juice"

ack said...

if last night's suns/spurs game is any indication.. this might be the best playoffs the NBA has seen in years.