Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Entire Cities 'Deep River' ... or everything you've ever wanted to know about Entire Cities

Entire Cities' myspace classifies their sound as experimental/country/psychedelic, which is probably a good characterization of their latest album Deep River (I mean they'd probably know what they sound like... right?). Although those are probably good descriptors for their songs, I think it kind of downplays how accessible their songs are, since country, psychedelic, and experimental are not often seen together. Usually, the inclusion of any two of those three is enough to turn me off without even listening.

Now that we've got that out of the way... I've spend about three weeks with Deep River, and I couldn't be more impressed. To me, the album is what I imagine an old country party must be like, gradually picking up speed, with fits of uncontrolled energy, with that point at the end of the night where everyone sits around and reminisces about the party that was. And this last part, the reminiscing, is where I feel Simon Borer is at his strongest. On songs like 'Coffee', 'Turbines' and especially 'The Woods' I kind of feel like he's the older brother - who has seen the world, but still knows how to party a little - and has some bit of wisdom to impart that you won't forget.

See actual reviews here, and here.

Its a great album, and I highly recommend it (see sidebar).

[mp3] Accountants Dream
[mp3] Coffee

As a final note, I've been recommending a lot of stuff lately - D'Urbervilles, Plants and Animals, and Born Ruffians, the Black Hat Brigade - but please bear in mind that these are 4, now 5, albums of 8 that I have recommended in 2008. So, I'm not going all recommendation happy, and please, make an effort to buy the albums where ever possible.

You can pick up the album at Soundscapes in Toronto, via Zunior (not now, but soon) or at shows:

Apr. 11 - w/ the Gravity Wave, Basement Arms, Nich Worby and Casey Mecija (Ohbijou) @ 201 Niagara St. W, Toronto

Apr. 26 - w/ Tin Bangs and the Schomberg Fair @ the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

Also, they recorded an episode of Let's Get Baked (this is worth it even just to listen to the 'Let's Get Baked' theme song).

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