Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday Night: Basia Bulat @ CTO vs. Woodhands @ the APK

(Sorry, Basia I realize that photo stretch wasn't real flattering)

It's not often that there is anything to do in London, let alone two separate events, but that's the case with this Friday (tonight). The two shows Basia Bulat w/ Katie Stelmanis at Call the Office
and Woodhands w/ the Peter Project probably couldn't be a whole lot more different.

Basia and KS are girls with guitars and sometimes an autoharp in Basia's case, while Woodhands says they sound like "Hot Problem Sex" - they do. And its awesome.

All this means is that if I'm exhausted at the end of the day I'll probably opt for Basia, if I've got some energy I'll probably be hitting up Woodhands. That said, if Liz's mom makes it down to visit - its almost definitely Basia. Either way, it'll be a good night I think.

Some Basia:
[mp3] Home (live @ CBC Radio 3)
[mp3] The Shore (live @ CBC Radio 3)

Basia "Little Waltz" live @ Aeolian Hall

The guys at Woodhands said they'd send over some mp3s, so when I get them you should get to hear a bit of their full length Heart Attack, which, if you weren't paying attention before... is like hot problem sex. Sexy.


historyjen said...

Well, now, this is a difficult decision. Basia is amazing, but then so are Paul and Dan. But here's to hoping you have a bit of energy, because Woodhands is where you should be!

pjmclach said...

Schmiddy. Do you still have the Mp3 for The Shore? I likes that one and link seems to be down.