Monday, April 28, 2008

It's the CD-R EP! by Dave Norris!

The singer-songwriter/guy with a guitar market is pretty competitive, and it seems like it takes a lot to get noticed - like, say, a couple of surf videos and a connection to another prominent singer-songwriter. So, suffice to say, in this kind of market I find it pretty rare to find someone that I'm genuinely excited to listen to (maybe its the exclamation mark after his name).

Dave Norris! (Ottawa, On) traces over some pretty familiar territory (isn't all singer-songwriter about girls, or trying to get girls?), but does so with great sincerity and feeling. Wow, that sounded cheesy. Sorry. But, in all seriousness, he shows some range with some toe-tappers ("Howl") and some 'bubble bath' songs ("I Was Made a Fool"). On the whole, the CD-R EP (which is a great title I think), is good enough for me to forgive him for borrowing the song title "I'm on Fire" from the Boss, which is my favourite Springsteen song ever. It's also good enough to stand out against any singer-songwriter material that I've heard in the last while. And its also good enough for me to seriously recommend (Paul, Ack, Allan I'm looking at you).

I'm hoping Dave! will make the trip to London some time soon. It'd be great to see him live... especially at the Alex P. Keaton (hint! Chris if you're reading this).

My favourite:

[mp3] Dave Norris! - A Streetcar Named Malice

I'm told the CD will be available soon through


Brian said...

A lot of bubble-bath references lately.

What exactly is a 'bubble-bath' song?

Brian said...

I only ask because my bubble-baths are nothing short of pure energy. Hymns for the Happy is my bubble-bath playlist.

the ROB said...

Bubble bath song, noun: a song that is typically enjoyed by women while soaking in a bubble bath; often accompanied by scented candles.

... if you like splashing it up in the tub I'd highly recommend the new Born Ruffians or Woodhands.