Wednesday, April 9, 2008

iLIKETRAINS @ Nouveau Casino 8.04 2008

I got to the venue to interview the band at 5:30 pm, as arranged via email with the production company. I went through the café to the concert hall and said that I was there to interview the band. I was told that they were sitting in front of me and had no idea what I was talking about but were happy to do an interview nonetheless.

We headed into the café and began to chat. Before this, I should add, I had remarked how young they looked (about 18ish) and not really what I had pictured at all. When I told them that I had heard them warming up they told me that that was the headlining group, who are much darker and heavier than they are. At this point I realised that I was about to interview the wrong group and so had to, in the nicest and least embarrassed way possible, explain that I was in fact there to interview the other band. The very understanding group is called One Night Only and has a top 10 hit in the UK, so later learned.

I went back into the venue and found the right band, iLIKETRAINS, who were also not aware that I was there to interview them. Apparently Beggars Group France is about as organised as everything else here.

I have uploaded the 50 minute interview (the sound quality isn't great-I don't know what the clicking noise in the background is) and some songs that you may or may not know already. The group members were all dressed in white shirts with black arm bands and images were projected on a screen behind the stage throughout the show. The two members I interviewed, Dave (singer) and Simon (drummer) were really really nice and interesting guys. With all of the information in this post (the pictures I did indeed take myself) I will let you make up your own minds.

iLIKETRAINS Interview (part 1)
iLIKETRAINS Interview (part 2)
iLIKETRAINS Interview (part 3)

[mp3] A Rook House For Bobby
[mp3] The Deception


Andy said...

That's awesome! I'll definitely take some time to listen to this tonight at home! iREALLYLiKE iLiKETRAiNS... saw them in Grenoble last fall which possibly makes you the second person from Ontario they've met? Anyway I do hope you prodded them to come to Canada some time soon... Dave dropped a broad hint that they were hoping to make it to CMW... that obviously didn't happen but I still have my hopes up for 2008.

Jen the Misadventurer said...

Well, I have to say that during the 50 minutes we were chatting we talked very little about Canada or Canadian dates. It is pretty far. If Dave ends up getting in touch with me I will definitely mention it. Did you not find it a bit surreal to talk to him normally and then watch a fairly whacked out concert?