Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ketch Harbour Wolves @ El Mocambo, Jan. 3.09.

So, last night I'm walking to the subway - in the freezing cold - and I'm wondering why I'm making the trip downtown when I could be sitting at home watching a competitive AFC Wild Card game. I'm wondering the same thing - and hoping I don't get stabbed/mugged - as I walk by the men's shelter on College.

When the band started playing it reminded me I left and why I like seeing live music. I think, for whatever reason, it took a little while for them to get warmed up - and for the crowd to settle down a little - but once they got into it they were very impressive for a band that has only a 7-song EP to their name.

And if that seems like a backhanded complement... it is... but only a little bit. There were parts of the show that were a little bit sloppy (which may - at least in part - be due to my hearing; since at times it felt as though Liz and I had wandered into a high school reunion at a school neither of us went to), but generally the longer the show went on, the stronger the band got. And, the song writing is just so good that when the live show really comes together they are going to be somewhere the other side of unbelievable (some kind of combination of Fleet Foxes and Frightened Rabbit... apologies if that reference means absolutely nothing to you).

I suppose the other thing I should say along with any criticism of this band is that their debut is outstanding... and also, free... which is pretty insane when you consider that not only was it my favourite (1c.) album of the year - which is pretty impressive since I'm very important/have many leather bound books - but it was i(heart)music's, as well as Herohill's favourite EP.

Some Photos:

Their video "Words":

Their album for free.

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Sean Wraight said...

Thank you so much for the heads up ROB. This stuff is great. I just downloaded it now. Your description was bang on. I'll keep an eye out for a London appearance.