Monday, January 19, 2009

My New Oprah Diary, Golden Hands Before God, Michael Jordan, LBJ and the LeBrowns, Matthew De Zoete, Kyle, Marion to the Raps?

Just as a pre-emptive apology to everyone before my (what I assume will be obsessive) campaigning to be on Jen/Tyler's podcast... and yes, I plan on taking a page out of David Letterman's book and beginning my own version of the "Oprah Diary" ... please tell me someone else remembers this...
  • Ack over at Herohill has a review of Matthew De Zoete's album Bottom of the World... he says that its a little safe, and I think I agree, although the more it gets played on my iTunes the less I'm concerned about it and the more I think its a nice singer-songwriter album. He's touring around SW Ontario and you check his myspace for dates, including the Feb. 28th date at the Tranzac here in the big smoke.
[mp3] Matthew De Zoete - Not on Fire (w/Jenn Grant)
[mp3] Matthew De Zoete - Warkworth Penitentary

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