Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions.

Q: Why do people make New Years Resolutions... and never follow through with them?

The R.O.B.: Well, see, the problem is that people don't make enough resolutions. If you make enough of them you're bound to follow through on at least one of them... and with that in mind, 13 resolutions for 2009.

1. Get a job ... that doesn't involve getting people coffee.

2. Get more exercise and don't put on another 10 lbs. ... so I can fit into my own pants and don't have to buy maternity clothes, or the kind of clothes that men start wearing when they get fat.

3. Try and leave the apartment - and see two shows a month - which I think is a reasonable goal considering my propensity to come up with a variety of excuses for staying home... and to stop using the excuse, I can't because ____ is on TV.

4. Continue blogging, but do so regularly, and come up with some type of schedule.

5. Figure out how to improve the appearance of the blog so it looks slightly more appealing that a turd sandwich (or a giant douche).

6. Do something creative and/or entrepreneurial. Some ideas: learn to use iMovie (or something like it) and try and convince bands to do Blogotheque style videos, start a podcast, start some type of music/charity thing.

7. Take some time (presumably over the summer) to read stuff (that isn't on the internet), or write something longer than one page.

8. Make a new friend (that isn't, a/ imaginary, or b/on the internet).

9. Grow a beard.

10. Buy a cool hat... and wear it... at least once.

11. Listen to more rap/hip-hop/R&B.

12. Keep attempting to be nice, hold open doors for people, clean up after myself - especially in public places, say 'thank you'.

13. Call my parents once a week, and visit.

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