Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shark City!

Shark City is a movie about sharks taking over the world in the same vein as Planet of the Apes (or so I assume based solely on the title and the google image search I did) staring Vivica A. Fox, Corey Haim, and Carlo Rota. Normally this probably wouldn't be quite enough to compel me into writing something about it, but my buddy Don IS Campbell is scoring the moving (which I assume means that he's some type of sex-stunt double).

In all seriousness this is really cool since Donny is a good pal, and a hell of a dodgeball player. He plays jazz, cover songs, and originals and you should check him out - he plays all over the city (Toronto) all the time. His gigs are listed on his myspace page.

Shark City has a blog.
CityTV had a little write up on the film.

And, the best song I could think of with Shark in the name, which I suspect will not show up in the film... although if I can get Don drunk enough...

[mp3] Cadence Weapon - Sharks (feat. Final Fantasy)


DOn said...

Ok ok... thank you for the good words! I will have to admit that im not doing the whole score.. just fill-in/background music such as... while the guys are playing poker (how appropriate) or some between scene riffs. I actually might come out with some new Don Campbell originals out of this little project. But not as exciting as Awesome Blossom.

JM said...

Pretty sure this song is featuring Andrew Bird, not Final Fantasy.

Jesse said...

Actually, Final Fantasy plays with Cadence Weapon and has toured with him before. He's just covering Imitosis during the verse and Nervous Tic Motion to The Left during the chorus. And it's a pretty sweet combo