Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Book Club! The Last Shot

Given my propensity to avoid reading - anything that's not either on the internet or with some type of pictures - the fact that I finished this book in less than a week, read it on, to, and from the subway speaks volumes about the book.

The Last Shot is the story of four Lincoln High basketball players: Tchaka Shipp, Corey Johnson, Russell Thomas and freshman Stephon Marbury. The story follows the players through the summer and through the fall of their senior year of high school (except Marbury), and basically is a literary, real-life version of season 4 of the Wire.

The book, orginially published in 1994, is particularly interesting in light of the Starbury saga that has gone on this year. And, while I can't say that it makes me want to root for Starbury, it certainly has led me to understand him -- and his cousin Sebastain Telfair who is the star of the ESPN documentary 'Through the Fire'.

Grade: A++

Although, you may want to take this grade with a grain of salt since: a) I don't read that many books; b) I tend to only read stuff that I know I'll really like; and c) I have an intense facination with basketball, and more generally why athletes tend to fail/succeed.

Next Up:

Not sure yet, maybe The Road by Cormac McCarthy... but I'm not sure I'm ready for fiction yet... its all so made up.

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