Wednesday, March 19, 2008

D'Urbervilles w/ Fox Jaws @ The Alex P. Keaton. Mar. 18. 08.

(take note of the matching vintage Reebok tees... nice.)

Of the three show in London last night (LadyHawk & Immaculate Machine, Tokyo Police Club, and this one) I decided to go to this one for several reasons. All of those reasons include very nice reviews from the usual suspects both Matthew and Paul, as well as B(oot)log. The D'Urbervilles We Are The Hunters has also got a round of praise from some 'heavy hitters' Chromewaves and My Old Kentucky Blog.

The show... was great. You should really consider picking up their album.
[mp3] We Are The Hunters

The D'Urbervilles We Are The Hunters can be bought at Zunior for $8.88.

Fox Jaws, (Barrie, On) is best summed up by Matthew at i(heart) music. Front woman, Carleigh Atkins, has an unbelievable set of pipes - which Liz compared to Melissa Etheridge (I don't think that illuminates how great and interesting her voice is) - but the band doesn't really know how to showcase it quite yet.

Fox Jaws Goodbye Doris is available here.

All things considered, this was a nice way to come out of hibernation.

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