Monday, March 17, 2008

Basia, Basia, Basia (in the Key of Jan Brady)

I've blogged about Basia Bulat probably more than any other artist/band since I started blogging about 6 months ago, and for good reason, she has an outstanding knock-you-on-your-ass kind of voice. The other reason being that I'm a little bit of a homer (Basia is from London, On also). So, anytime I come across anything Basia related I always feel compelled to forward it along:

Courtesy of the always terrific B(oot)log mp3s from Basia at the Wolfe Island Music Festival 2007.
[mp3]The Pilgriming Vine (live on Wolfe Island, Kingston On)

Via Everything is Pop, I found out that Basia recorded a few songs for Daytrotter, including an untitled orginal, a Sam Cooke cover, and an unreleased Daniel Johnson cover.
[mp3]The Hem of Your Garmets (Sam Cooke Cover)

From way back in January Basia opening for Hayden at Aeolian Hall.

"Little Waltz"
More videos from the show here.

Basia Bulat is touring around SW Ontario again and will be in London at Call the Office April 4. You can check her myspace for other tour dates.

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Anonymous said...

She'll be in London April 4th, not 12th.