Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jens Lekman @ Nouveau Casino Feb 27.08

Jens Lekman walked onto the stage wearing a white shirt with a big red flower on it. If happiness and sunshine could somehow be personified it would be by Jens Lekman on stage, and if they could be aptly captured in a song, I think that it would be by Jens Lekman.

Jens is one of the most comfortable stage performers that I have seen in a long time. He is natural, and funny, and creative, and interesting. He surrounds himself with an all-female band, which might be off-putting for some men, but seems to create the perfect stress-free environment for him.

Here are the reasons to go and see Jens Lekman live (other than the shirt, which will probably be different, or so one would hope): the back story and more complete version of 'A Postcard to Nina' (including his decion to save 5 euros by taking a 20 hour bus ride to Berlin instead of a 45 minute Ryan Air flight); the entire band pretending to be airplanes during an interlude (I don't know why); Jens doing air-xylophone (kind of like air-guitar but much less cool, I'm guessing); his wonderfully rich voice that sounds even better in person; and a concert that will actually make you smile without realizing you are, like a spontaneous reaction or a reflex.

He said that Kortedala (the namesake of his latest album: Night Falls Over Kortedala) is a suburb in Sweden where he used to live. Apparently, it's a place like a maze, very easy to get into but nearly impossible to get out of. He said that when he finally left he was overcome with joy and has never looked back. I think that taken as a metaphor we can all relate, and it is this kind of simplicity and honesty (with a little humour mixed in) that makes Jens such an accessible and unique musician.

Here is 'A Postcard to Nina' live. He doesn't go into as much detail about the story as he did when I saw him, but it's all done on ukulele and the crowd is clearly very into it.

And as a last thought I will still continue to think of the 'Love Boat' any time I hear a Jens Lekman song (I don't know why, I just do). I don't know if he is actually going bald but I feel that the comb-over look, well, it may be time for a change (I hope that's not mean and it's just my opinion).

Update: I (now its Rob) have just added Jens' set from's Interface from back in December.

Tracklist: 'A Postcard to Nina','Shirin','Friday Night at the Drive-in Bingo','The Opposite of Hallelujah', Interview.

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The R.O.B. said...

Frankly, I think the 'comb-over look' is cute. Although, I've always been an advocate for the 'if you're going bald, you need to gradually shorten your hair and not hold on too long' school of thought.

From the video I've just posted from - I'd say he's doing okay now, but he'd better start planning for a Costanza-esque future...